Welcome to the most extensive selection of hunting properties for sale and the largest network of hunting property experts: Realtree United Country Hunting Properties. Our highly experienced brokers and agents can help you sell or find any type of hunting property or recreational land nationwide.

Only Realtree United Country Hunting Properties combines extensive local expertise with a national reach to give hunting properties for sale a marketing reach no other company can match. Since 1925 we have provided unequaled knowledge and consultation for buyers and sellers of hunting and recreational properties nationwide. We have helped more buyers find their ideal hunting land and more sellers achieve their sales goal than any other company.

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Focused on delivering clients superior representation in all types of hunting properties, our highly experienced hunting property experts don’t just sell hunting property, they live and understand the outdoor lifestyle. This allows them to offer comprehensive consultation on topics ranging from recreational land values, hunting potential, hunting leases, timber, income opportunities, investment, mineral rights, land management and more.

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If you’re in the market for hunting land – or if you’re selling your farm – finding a good real estate agent who understands your goals is a huge benefit. But a hunting-land agent has a different job description than a traditional real estate agent showing a 3-bedroom / 2-bath...
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When one thinks of Colorado hunting, usually thinks of Rocky Mountain Elk, trophy mule deer, and perhaps a speedy antelope comes to mind. “Wild turkeys” don’t usually come to mind. Surprisingly, however, Colorado has excellent opportunities for turkeys, and the state offers a wide variety of opportunities on both public and private lands.
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PRIME TIME TO HARVEST MORELS, CRAPPIE AND TURKEY Missouri is unique in its ability to produce three highly sought after species in the month of April. Known as the springtime trifecta for an avid outdoorsman is finding morel mushrooms, catching crappie and hunting eastern wild turkeys. If you are overly ambitious, it is possible to accomplish all three of these in a single day, but you would have to rise early and work hard the entire day. Most outdoors enthusiast put these big three items on their bucket list to harvest during the Spring.
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How to Introduce Your Kids to Turkey Hunting. There's no better time to take advantage of the time off we are experiencing than heading to the country with your kids. Turkey season is almost here in the Midwest so I’m getting ready to introduce my youngest daughter to the exciting adventure of hunting long-beards.
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We were running late, and I blamed the rock pile. While glassing from the town road the previous night, that cobbled mound of stones had seemed so conspicuous — like a beacon marking the perfect setup spot for what promised to be a bang-up mallard and honker shoot in a...
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There are two types of duck hunters: those who have experienced a lights-out flooded timber shoot for greenheads and the rest of us. Do it once and you’re addicted. A quick limit leaves you wanting more, and wanting to do it again. Getting skunked also leaves you wanting to do it again, because you’re still pursuing a great hunt.
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You’re imagining it right now. A 50-acre tract of pristine hunting real estate. That shiny, newly printed deed sparkling when the light hits it just right. And a big buck up on the wall the first year of hunting on it. But are you ready to pull the trigger on hunting land? Do you have all the knowledge you need?

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What makes Realtree United Country Hunting Properties different? Its local representation, local hunting knowledge and unmatched experience in the local market combined with our national team coverage, marketing and the most extensive support team. With over 6,000 agents coast to coast, including the largest team of hunting property experts nationwide, only Realtree United Country Hunting Properties can offer this level of expertise and support.

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